Below are some examples of our latest creations. To create these we take older vintage  window frames in various states, from rustic to recently painted, and re-purpose them into unique, one of a kind works of art. The process for each starts with removal of the original glass panes and glazing, stripping or enhancing the original finish, and evaluating and repairing  any deficiencies as needed. Each sash is then finished according to the desired design. That design may include stained glass, pressed flowers, mirrors, specialty glass, custom lighting or any combination thereof. The options are only limited by what can be imagined.   We can work closely with you on a design of your own or choose one of our already completed frames.   

Each frame shown is available for sale or we can custom design one or more to your specifications. Our inventory changes so check back often. Prices vary according to amount of work and materials involved. Please Contact Us to inquire about pricing and/or designs.

COMING SOON: Unique handmade lighting fixtures made from repurposed items, custom metalwork and specialty bulbs. 

Hang Up- 24 x 20
Copper Zinnia- 24 x 24
Green Zinnia- 24 x 24
Three Tiers- 20 x 27
Brassy Blonde-24 x 50
Brownie- 28 x 28
Woody Vine- 28 x 27
Flicker- 18 x 18
Cabernet- 31.5 x 28
Old Red- 24 x 32
Purple Haze- 31 x 27 SOLD!!! contact us if you are interested in a similar window
Lori-Anne- SOLD!!! Custom built to customer request. Let us know what we can build for you